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My Photographic Why...

I have never written a journal or a diary, I have tried but it doesn’t feel right. Instead, I document my life through images. That's where I find my joy in my own personal work and also why I am drawn to being a family photographer for other families who values the same thing.

They make up the diary of my life, moments that get forgotten with time, that I look back on for the joyful memory triggers they give me.

I take photos to tell my story. The big moments, holidays and events and the small seemingly mundane everyday moments but it’s these can actually pack a punch.

We are coming up to a year since leaving the UK but before we left I wanted to capture the end of that chapter, in the house we had called home for over a decade, where our babies had their early childhood. I was ready to move on but I wanted to honour this time in our family’s story in photos… but that weren’t taken by me!

I wanted someone else’s eye to see our home and capture us in it. Yes! I wanted to be in the frame not just for me but for my children and I didn’t want the self timer on my camera to do it.

So, I booked a family photographer for an in home family shoot and I am so glad I did. These photos now hang on our wall in our new home and I see them everyday. They make me smile. Take me back to so many fond memories and I think it would have been a deep regret not to have them.

This is my why. In my work I want to give my clients what these photos give me.

Our story. Our legacy. Our history… one honest and joyful chapter at a time.

I will be forever grateful I booked a photographer, stepped out my comfort zone and had these images captured by the wonderful Hester Barnes.

If these words resonate with you and would like to talk more about a family photography session with a family photographer, to capture your true selves in your home then get in touch! I would love to capture your family for safekeeping forever.

I am a lifestyle documentary family, branding and wedding photographer based in SALIES DE BEARN, covering the Béarn and Landes region in South West France. Also available for travel!

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