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What do I wear for my photoshoot?

The answer to this is simple for me. Turn up as yourself, these photos are about you, you are the star in this story.

I love taking natural shots of people being themselves, so need to dress up if that isn't you, especially with families.

Think relaxed, comfortable, uncomplicated (because its you we want to shine through), co-ordinated but not identical and maybe no enormous brand logo either!

Denim, linen, cotton, cord, silk, lace, bold, muted, colourful, pastel. All work wonderfully as long as you are happy in them.

However, if you want to do a lookbook or portfolio shoot then dress up to your hearts content and we can get creative together! 

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What is the best time for a photoshoot?

If we are shooting in your home, the time of day isn't important as we will hunt out the light! I tend to suggest 10am or 2pm, when people are normally fed and happy. Of course, we can work around baby's nap times so I am flexible in working around your normal routine. We need everyone to be happy to get the fab photos we want! 

The ideal times for seasonal outdoor shoots are the first few hours after sunrise and before sunset. The light is softer then and can create some glorious rays.

Of course, all the best planning in the world can come undone when it comes to weather so we can adapt our slot if needs must!

Can I choose where we hold our shoot?

Absolutely! If you want it in your home and garden, or at a favourite place the choice is yours. If you are stuck for ideas but want outdoors shots then I have some suggestions of lovely places to go.

How soon after the shoot will I get my images?

Your complete private online gallery will be available 2 weeks after your shoot. However, I like to show you some images as soon as I can as a taster for whats to come, so I will share via email and social media of a few images 48 hours after our shoot.

(If you choose to not allow public use of your images then I send link only via email)

What happens at a home family session?

First up, a guided tour. Usually by the youngest of the house, this tends to relax everyone and they LOVE being the boss for the day!

We search out the light in the home and have a chat. Rooms that I normally gravitate towards are the living room, kitchen, kids bedrooms, if you are happy the master bed too!

These are the places where your life at home happens, where your memories are made and these are what makes up your family story.

However, we are led by the light! 

We find the best light and we position you there, I may direct you to look at each other, whisper or tickle each other purely to initiate moments of connection between you.

Basically think, cuddles, kisses, playing and giggling.

Then a cuppa never goes a miss!

Most sessions take about 1.5 - 2 hours.

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What happens at a branding session?

A cuppa and a chat! We will confirm everything we have discussed at our consultation, check the space and light at the venue and start shooting.

We will already have a list of images we want to get from the session so we will work through those and play by ear if other possibilities come up.

My main aim is to make you relax, having a camera in your face without anyone else to share the spotlight can be intimidating, the first few shots tend to be more forced so the quicker we can get the the relaxed more natural shots the better, normally that is me making lame ass jokes.


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How do I secure my booking?

A 50% deposit is due when you book to secure the date. The balance is due one week before your session. If you decide to upgrade you can do this after you have viewed your gallery, your images will not be available to download until payments have been received. 

Can I order prints through you?

My packages are set up to include store credit so you can select any photos to be used in any of the wonderful products available. This ensures your photos do really end up on your walls! 

You can then order any additional prints directly from your gallery.

There is a whole range of fantastic products there to choose from from high end professional printers.

If you would like more customised creations then we can certainly work together to create those for you (photo books/custom multi photo framed images etc)

Do you travel?

Yes! Absolutely. 

I am currently based in Salies de Béarn, France but have a large client base in the UK.

I am happy to travel up to 25 km without any additional charges.

However, further a field will incur my transportation charge which varies depending on where you are! 

I split my time between the UK and France, so I am more than open to travelling, just get in touch and we can chat! 

Ready to book? Get in touch here

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