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Think of your favourite place.

The place where you are most comfortable. The place where you are happy.

The place where you belong.


This is where I want to photograph you.

Photography is how I see the world, it is my diary of thoughts, memories and wishes, my own happy place, my little eye.

The joy I find in creating little pieces of art is where I belong (as corny as that sounds!) and being able to do this for work is my dream.


For many years, you would have found me smelling of darkroom chemicals in a blackened out bedroom printing off reels of negatives and not surfacing for days, it was magical and I must admit I do miss those days but now, you will mostly find me annoying the hell out of my children when I have shoved a camera in their faces for the millionth time that day, because I can't miss a moment!

The unplanned, unscripted reality of real life and all the awesome, hilarious, soul filling, smile spreading moments that come with it make my heart sing with joy. I see the precious everyday details for what they really are... life in all it's glory. From the biggest momentous events to the smallest mundane details it's all worth capturing because for me, it is what tells our unique story, the only story that is us.

I find myself getting in the frame more and more for this reason, for my children to have memories of me when they are older, to secure the legacy I am shaping and for us all to smile when laughing at our moments when we look back through the albums. I would urge you to do the same. 

Every time I step into someones life I feel honoured to be there, to capture their awesomeness, to tell their story and I want them to feel absolutely fantastic while we do it! 

"Photography is an art of teleporting the past into the future."


Mehmet Murat Ildan

Jo de Magneval Family Portrait.jpg

Other random (maybe) useful things to know about me:

- I have 3 children. Anaïs, Odile and Clément

- I teach myself the Ukulele and for a year in France (to help with my French) I learned the Clarinet too

- In 2021 I sold my wine bar in Woking Surrey (Cellar Magneval) that I owned with my husband

- I love enjoying a glass or two of wine with friends.

- I make and create things ALL the time and often have yet to be finished projects lying around the house

- I love to travel and am a serial adventurer 

- I moved back to France from Woking, Surrey in 2022 and am continuing our house and garden project here renovated our house in France with Thierry (husband) so love LOVE interiors and beautiful homes & gardens

- I am a risk taker and am continually inspired to try new things, to be creative and strive for a work life balance that makes me happy

- I love being in the great outdoors, walks, bikes rides, wild swimming, paddle boarding and all in-between!

- My children would say I am a little obsessed with plants (indoor and outdoor) so much so they always try to avert me from garden centres!

- I love good food and better company

- I am happiest with those I love and who make me smile

- I sing. Not enough anymore but maybe one day.

- I hate Olives and peanuts.

I would love to connect with you! 

Documentary filmmaker

  • Surrey Family Photographer

  • Surrey Branding photographer

  • Photographe France

  • Photographe Salies de Béarn

  • Photographe Famille Salies de Béarn

  • Photographe mariage Salies de Béarn 

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