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Sibling Love - Family in home photoshoot

Updated: May 19, 2021

You have to love the energy that older siblings bring to a family photoshoot, especially when you throw in a teenager!

Thankfully these guys were completely up for fun and posing and I was lucky to chill just enough to get beautiful candid shots of them together as well.

The boys clearly dote on their sister and the puppy just added to the craziness!

What is lovely about a sibling shoot is that you get to indulge the children in doing whatever they want. They get to lead the way, I just follow them and they LOVE it! Ordering a grown up around equals happy days!

I also love getting at least one sneaky photo of Mum, at least... because she needs to be in them too even if she resists. It's so important to be in your family photographs!

Drop me a message if you too resist the camera but would love to document your children together just being themselves. This is my favourite kind of shoot and what family photography is all about! This Woking based family were a joy - thank you!

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