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Mums get in your photos!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

I was chatting to friends when we got talking about why we do what we do and I started to explain just what drives me as a photographer, my love of capturing peoples stories, being grateful to help make memory banks for them and their families and in particular the importance of helping Mum's get in their photos!

I am as guilty as they rest of us, always being the one behind the camera, snapping all the crucial and not so crucial moments of my children growing up, safe guarding our memories for us all to look back on and I am don't appear in those photos unless I make a specific effort to be present.

After all, it is easy to hide behind the camera, especially with so many of us being so conscious of our self perceived flaws but you know what? Our kids love us just as we are and that should be celebrated.

By getting in the frame, you create photos that not only will be treasured together now, but also for a lifetime. These are vital memories to bank in honour of the legacy that is you, and everything that you do for your family.

These photos are the footprints you leave behind and they become gold.

Capture your touches, your hand holding, your snuggles. Capture the story reading, the baking together and your daily life. Capture your shared giggles, your adventures and your joy. Theirs is already documented a thousand times, and just like you want to witness their happiness, they too also want to see yours.

So, whether you book a photographer to help you get in the frame, become a selfie queen or get your children to take the snap, do it and keep doing it from today because your part in your family story is as important to tell as any other.

You won't regret it and neither will your family. ❤️

If you would like me to help you get in the frame then get in touch and check out my family packages or perhaps my midweek 'Mummy and Me' package would be perfect!☺️

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