“Sometimes you will never know the value of something until it becomes a memory.“


"Jo has a real talent for capturing special moments. 

She recently photographed our family and I am blown away by how beautifully shot they are. They really are exceptional!

She’s creative, professional and has a great personality that everyone warmed to, including our 4yo and 9mo. 

I wholeheartedly recommend and thank Jo again these special photos! 

Merci beaucoup!!"

Bri Williams

Whether you are awaiting your baby, holding your newborn in your arms or have children that run around like wild ones, all of these moments are precious, beautiful and worthy of documenting and my soul aim is to ensure they are not forgotten.

Lifestyle documentary photography is my passion and I believe gives a perfect blend of portraits and raw joyful images at the end of it. I want to see the real you and capture your family's connections honestly and beautifully.

Why do I love it so much?

Because, basically I come out in hives at the thought of spending our time together instructing you all to sit in a line and smile at me!

Instead, I would much rather be chasing the kids under the kitchen table or up a tree, watch you all mess about on the bed or making a mess baking cupcakes, all whilst I snap away! 


Don't stress about the kids not behaving, there is no pressure from me! This is the joy of this style of photography... its all about the real moments, not the picture perfect ones. I want to see your laughter and smiles when the kids make you giggle... in the way that only they can because that is what will make YOUR perfect picture.

These images are not just for now but for the years to come, when you will treasure them for showing you all those long lost moments, the little things that vanish from memory with time but, that are your family's history, your story and really important memories that must be treasured. They are your own little pieces of life that say 'we were here!'

" What I love about Jo's photos is that they are "real". They portray real everyday life.
She captures the best smiles and hugs, and beautiful moments of connection between people." - Pam Sadler

I am all about a relaxed and natural light environment, either at home or on location, armed with my camera, lens and a smile! No big scary equipment and not a studio light insight. 

So choose a place where you are all comfortable, maybe that is hanging out at home or in the garden, visiting one your favourite places, playing games or walking in the woods. 

I am happy playing with your small people to help them feel at ease, having a cuppa and a chat with you, or disappearing into the background so you forget I am there.

We go with the flow, follow the mood and relax into the shoot. 

I seek out the light and the colour in your life, see the connections between you and let your story shine through.

Together, we will get photos to treasure, photos you will pass on to your children, that tell your beautiful story, and say 'this is us!'

So, throw your smiles, laughter and play at me.

This is your story, remember.

Smiles, strops and all! 



I truly believe in the value of capturing your family story, not just for you now but perhaps, more importantly for your future self and your children to treasure as they grow up too. After all, this is your legacy and it deserves to be honoured!

If you are still here with me reading, then I think we may kindred spirits and I can't wait to meet you!


I work with a basic session fee, which covers my time in the shoot and provides you with access to a fully edited private gallery 2 weeks after our shoot date.

Just to give you an idea a 2 hour session will result in approximately 70 - 100 images in the final gallery and the 4 hour shoot between 150 - 200.

Once, you have seen the photos we have captured and they make you smile and want to relive the day then we are on to a winner!

It is then you will choose which of the packages below you want to invest into your unique family story.

As you will see, I have a range of different packages that include digital images as well as prints, albums and wall art and all are great value or alternatively, you can build up your own package straight from your private online gallery.

Everyone is different, some people want prints to pop in different frames around the house, other prefer a book to look through together and some want 'wow factor' framed wall art that will make their friends stop and stare.

It's completely up to you... take your time and know that what you decide on will be treasured forever.

But first... we need to make sure we are the right fit for each other, so let's chat! I want to get to know you and your family, what makes you tick, what gets you smiling, what do you love to do together and what do you want to capture in your photos. I believe the best way to do this is to chat... no form filling or questionnaire answering just a good old fashioned chatter! 

Session Fee

up to 2 Hour Shoot

A mix of lifestyle and documentary photography.

Capturing real and authentic moments of your family, while you enjoy a wonderful time together!

We hang out, have fun, chat, play and take photos! 

Perfect for both 'In Home' or at an outdoor location


This session fee includes the photo shoot and access to view a fully edited online gallery

Session Fee

up to 4 Hour Shoot

Where documentary photography comes into its own! I join you as you all go about your day and capture your world as it truly is, all the little joyous moments that a day can hold. Let's make beautiful photos of all those beautiful moments!

This is your story!

Based at home but can definitely involve venturing out to your favourite local places!


This session fee includes the photo shoot and access to view a fully edited online gallery

Girl portrait in golden hour.jpg
Pocket Story

10 hand edited digital images

£100 store credit


Mother and son portrait.jpg

20 hand edited digital images

£300 store credit


Multiexposure of baby feet and rainbow.j

All hand edited digital images

£600 store credit


black and hite mother and daughter portr
Mummy & Me

unique weekday offer for Mums and their

awesome small people!

20 minute shoot

3 high resolution digital images

Selected from a private online gallery of at least 20 images