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In Home Family Photography Session - Newborn Love

Welcoming their new addition to the family.

A overhead portrait photograph of a Family lying on bed together
Family Photograph

I have had the pleasure of an in home family photography session for this gorgeous family in their home in Woking, Surrey on a few occasions now and feel like I am a part of their bubble of love when I am there!

I will talk about what family photography means to me, but first I am going to let the photos do the talking for you... as this will give you a great insight into what my sessions are like and the range of images you will receive in your gallery.

This family wanted to capture their newborn moments that they are sharing as a family of four and also share the post lockdown introduction of him to their family. After so much time being isolated from people it was wonderful to be back shooting in a clients home and wonderful for them to have family there too! Having a baby in lockdown must have been so hard, missing out on many moments, but we did actually enjoy a virtual newborn shoot together to ensure we capture him in his curled up brand new state!

We started with a cup of tea, my camera lens cap taken off from the moment I walked in the door and I just start snapping! It’s such a relaxed approach to photography, we move through the house basically lead by the toddler and you find that the camera disappears, everyone is comfortable and we are in no rush. We gently ‘staged’ some portraits, sitting where the light is and also take documentary style shots of everyone just being themselves. These are my favourites!

Being a family photographer brings me a huge amount of joy, knowing I am capturing unique and special moments that will never be repeated. That is why I do what I do. That is why I love it!

As parents, we know only too well how fast time goes and how quickly our little ones change and grow. For me, photography enables us to be transported back to these moments when they have passed and start to fade from our memories. And it's not just your classic group family photograph that we take in these family photography sessions, it's also all the little details that make up your moments together in your home. The favourites toys, the cuddles, the naps, the feeding, the dinner table, the craziness and even the tantrums and cries!

All of these moments make up your own unique family story and that is what I feel like I am with to capture. And half the time it's these authentic and real moments that become the family favourites because these are the photos that show the real you, and at the end of the day, no-one is as unique as you guys!

You can read more about what a family photography session is like with me in my other blog posts or just get in touch and ask me all your questions yourself!

Things to think about to see if this kind of family photography session is for you are:

- Do you like the idea of a family photoshoot but don’t want to be in a studio environment?

- Do you love real and authentic photography that show all the emotions we share?

- Do you hate 'all stand in a line and smile' photos?

- Do you normally resist having your photo taken but really do want to be in the family photos as well?

- Do you want to feel relaxed and comfortable during a photoshoot?

- Do you want to have unique and beautiful photos that you can display on your walls?

- Do you want to go away with not just photographs of your family but also wonderful memories of the shoot knowing you were wholly present with your family throughout it?

- Do you want to help create something special for your family memory bank that you will enjoy looking altogether for a long time to come?

Remember, there is nowhere you feel more relaxed than in your own home and this is where your life and love happens everyday. What better place could there be to capture photographs that really tell your family story and will always help you remember this time right now than your own home?

A double exposed photograph of baby feet being held with a child drawn rainbow
Art Family Photography

Head over to my family photography package page to find out more information and pricing or check out these other blog posts that tell you a little more about my passion for in home family photography.

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