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Successful family photography at home

So, you are intrigued about in home family photography but curious as to what happens? How do they work and what do you need to do to prepare for one? Read on to find out!

Childhood memories and their importance.

Just for a moment, let's go back to your childhood and think of your own memories of that time. The old photo albums you look through now that are full of big holidays and day trips out but also the everyday moments in your home doing all the activities you used to love and obsess over. Like the old comfy sofa I used to watch Blue Peter on or the kitchen I didn't stop making choux pastry in one summer or eating spaghetti with chopsticks for a brownie badge! Think of your childhood room that changed and evolved as you did, the slowly emptying of toys and filling with teenage posters and photos of friends.

It's this idea of capturing this magic in the homes our children grow up in that makes in home photography so special. After all, what could be better than transporting your children back to the place where all those memories were made?

The Secret to Success

Planning with fun being the only objective!

Think of your children's favourite activities, where do you find them on a rainy day? What do they love to do more than anything else? What are their favourite hobbies? How do they chill out? Do they play an instrument?

Is den building their thing or hide and seek with siblings? Pillow fights or jumping on the bed? Painting, baking, puzzles or lego creating?

We can capture all of these, moving easily from one activity to the next. If they love baking, then let's get messy and bake! If they love story reading let's curl up together and read some books.

Documenting these moments to return to again and again in later life, really helps cement and confirm their childhood as a great time in life!

Plus, once everyone is having fun, the photos will take care of themselves!

All the space in all your house

We can use as many of the spaces you live as possible (light depending!) so let's explore the house together. It keeps it interesting and stops the kids getting bored!

From bedrooms to kitchens, each space tell a different story and many a magical moment can be had in them. Remember that these moments may be simple but they are no less special.

Family Group Portraits

We all want that beautiful group picture, when you are all looking directly at the camera and everyone is smiling and I encourage this by grouping you all together in the best light.

These shots are slightly more structured than the other more playful documentary style images we will be capturing but can be just as fun.

However, once we have got that 'eye to camera' shot, I find that more often than not, the best photos happen afterwards, when you are connecting to each other, laughing and joking, holding hands or breathing them in so deep because you love them so much.

Many people are not comfortable in front of a camera and that is why I try not to force posing, because when you are stiff and so far from being relaxed the photos that are taken don't really feel like you at all!

So there you have it! Each session is so different because every family is and that is what is so wonderful about this style of photography, you get to be you!

Book in for a family in home photography session in Surrey before the end of May and enjoy £50 credit towards your chosen package!

If you would like to book in for a session or even just have a chat to see if I am the right photographer for you then get in touch!

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