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Client Story - Storytelling Brand Portraits

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

When Sophie from Sophie Folley Immobilier, first approached me to take some personal branding photos for her and her team, I was delighted!

Having just moved back to Salies de Béarn, I wanted to jump straight into work, start the process of building a presence for my photography business here and what better place to start than with a local estate agents.

Sophie had recently done a social media course and had one of her team setting up professional accounts on other housing search engine sites (like Rightmove in UK and Le Site Immobilier in France). Sophie knew that they needed some great images to place in their profiles that really showed their personality and also the area in which they work... because people looking to buy a house in this region are also buying into a lifestyle, one rich in history, French culture and natural beauty.

We had a team meeting where they told me what they were looking at achieving. We talked about how photos could help tell their brand story, the message they wanted to be sending to their clients and then brainstormed ideas on how we could encapsulate that through their images. The main focus on this shoot was portraits, they needed 'headshots' but wanted more lifestyle portraits than corporate style headshots, so that was right up my street!

Being situated in the picturesque town of Salies de Béarn, it made for the perfect backdrop, their offices are in the town centre and the beautiful cobbled streets, ancient character filled doors and colourful shutters fill their branding portraits with so much of the storytelling we wanted and really show off the town, giving an insight too into what you can expect from the surrounding Béarn region.

Speaking from experience, having myself fallen in love with images I saw of this town on Google before we even came to visit, means I know the power photos can have in luring you into purchasing a house in this area!

A photo of a team of estate agents along the river bed in SALIES DE BEARN, smiling at camera in a personal branding photography session
Team Photo for business branding

We broke our shoot down into team photos and individual business portraits, both inside the office space and out in the streets. We wanted personality driven business branding portraits, showing the team to be approachable, knowledgable and just the type of people who you would want to buy a house with!

We were delighted when the sun shone for our session, although the nerves of having your photo taken was there, they knew it was an important step to help grow their business and the nerves soon disappeared.

We had a great time, wandering and exploring the plant filled streets and chasing down character doors, basically enjoying the gorgeous town in which we live and work.

I absolutely adore the branding portraits that we created together… they sing out the area and show the happy, relaxed, friendly and professional team at Sophie Folley Immobilier in exactly the way they are and want to be seen!

I know these photos will help bring new clients to their business and I am sure have old clients comment on them too!

Jo de Magneval is laughing whilst holding a camera in a blue dress with a natural backdrop in lifestyle branding photograph
Jo de Magneval Photographe Portrait

I love helping and empower women to get amazing brand photographs for their businesses. I help as much or as little as you would like and offer lots of guidance both before the shoot in the preparation, during the shoot and after for those who would like help in where and how to use their images.

You can read more about what brand photography is and the 3 key types of photos you want to make sure you get in a brand photography shoot then have a read of my blog post "Talking Personal Brand Photography"here.

If you have a business that you feel needs to have more personalised brand images, then let's chat! I always want to be sure I am the right photographer for you so book in for a pre-shoot chat now and we can get the ball rolling!


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