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Headshots with personality

Updated: May 6, 2021

Jane Murray contacted me in need of headshots, but wanted something more than just a standard commercial one, she wanted one that showed her personality too.

Coming from a corporate background Jane already has many a headshot that you come to expect on a 'Meet the team' website page, but now she is pioneering kindness on a global scale and wanted to create images that showed a more truthful and colourful side to her.

Being a highly successful lawyer and entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to settle for boring photos does it?!

Jane has had an incredible career to date and is now, one of the world’s leading authorities in kindness capitalism, kind innovation and the technology of kindness.

A lawyer and former VC, she is the founder and CEO of Peacebeam, a global digital platform with 250,000 users in 47 countries. This pioneering technology which incorporates kindness as a currency in KinderPay, helps users minimize stress, gain clarity, and amplify kindness in the workforce.

How amazing is that?! A truly brilliant idea and wonderful way to gently turn people away from an individualist view of the world and back to being kind to be kind. You should go and check it out... if you love meditation then what better place to go to for some - you never know where it will lead!

We spent a wonderful session together, put the world to rights whilst creating a small variety of poses and positions for the type of image she wanted. We need get headshots but also 'in action' moment of her working on laptop/ writing her journal etc. These kind of images can be great fillers so always really useful to have in your pocket to use when you need them.

I absolutely adore these photos, both the colours and vibrance but also the classy black and white, all of them work so well and Jane was delighted with the end results. She was also really happy at how relaxed I helped her to feel, as she isn't a fan of having her photo taken - sound familiar?!

"It was a pleasure working with Jo, she is incredibly professional whilst putting you at ease, her photos are beautiful and the service outstanding.

Highly recommended!"

Jane Murray

If you are looking at having some photos taken for your business then drop me a line, I love chatting through possibilities and learning about your passions to we can brainstorm to get those images for what you want to achieve. Here to talk anytime!


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