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For the love of flowers and photos, a joyful branding session with Woking Florist, Jamie-Ri.

Jamie-Ri is a florist in St Johns, Woking with wonderful energy, a hypnotic smile and a passion for flowers that is catching.

I had the pleasure of spending a morning in her home, whilst watching her work and chatting all things from flowers to childhood, a love of France to wine and it was a wonderful way to pass a couple of hours. It didn't even feel like work! Perhaps this is why I love my job 😊

We wanted to create content for her upcoming website and her social media accounts, and we needed to start with getting her in the frame, this really is vital because you are your brand!

Talk to any business coach and they will tell you how important it is to be seen in your business. People buy from people so they need to get to know you, see you and connect with you.

Constantly posting images of your products or services is great but you will make so many more positive connections if your dream clients see your face!

So, even if you find being in front of the camera hard and uncomfortable you must step out of your comfort zone and be seen. I can help with that, I promise!

Like many of my clients, Jamie-Ri was nervous about being in front of the camera and self conscious of her photo being taken.

My approach is relaxed, informal and with general chatter my clients soon feel at home with me snapping away! Although, I do always worry that they will be too self critical, so was delighted when Jamie text me this

"Jesus Jo!!! These are incredible!! I'm very self critical of myself... but these I love!!"

Words like this make me so happy 😊

With in action, headshots and flat lays on the shot list we had a busy morning, as we also wanted to capture a couple of different seasons for her to play with, starting with autumn; such a wonderful season to play with as well as creating content that targets her wedding clients too.

We managed to tick all the boxes in our an hour and a half, with a cuppa thrown in! A job well done.

So, if you live in or close to Woking in Surrey and are searching for a talented florist then check out Jamie-Ri! She is currently on FB and IG as her website is being constructed as we speak but she would sure love some new followers!

Thanks for having me Jamie-Ri! It was my pleasure to help you get some wonderful content to shout out your business.

If you are looking for some branding photography then please do get in touch, I would love to help!


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