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Your brands visual identity

"A picture speaks a thousand words"

Frederick R. Barnard

Today, I am going to talk about how photography is the key to connecting with your audience quickly and authentically.

Good quality brand photographs will help you:

- connect with your audience quickly and authentically

- build the 'like, know & trust' with your clients

- show your skills and expertise in your field

- give your a look professional look and feel

Photographs can portray so much of an entrepreneur or a business and when the medium is used well it can be a reliable and effective way to build trust with your audience.

We have been trained, in our visually stimulated world to form an opinion of people based on an image.

When we see a portrait, we begin to feel connected to them, we like them and then we start to trust them.

Ask yourself;

if you are looking for avenue for dinner, which restaurant would you choose?

  • The website that successfully shows the ambience, expertise and personality of the venue

  • OR

  • The website using poor quality images that do not appear very professional

We can all take photos now with the latest camera phones and we have, at some level, to create our own content for social media etc, so why invest in a professional photographer?

A professional photographer will offer you:

  • Expertise in photo composition

  • Bring a creative eye to visual storytelling

  • Use your brand identity and incorporate that into your photographs

  • Provide advice on locations, wardrobe and shoot times to help best tell your brand story

  • Create a full catalogue of brand images tailored to your unique business

Things to consider:

  • Brand colours

  • Business location

  • Dream clients

  • Brand Story

“How do you want your audience to feel when they connect with your images?”

Using photography as a means to tell your brand story is a very effective tool, when done well it can bring the right customers to your doorstep.

What type of photos should you have for your brand?

This, of course, varies for each business and who you are as a person but as a general guideline:

  • Lifestyle portraits ( Headshots with personality!)

  • Environmental portraits (In action - showing your skills, you at work)

  • Details ( Tools that you use, the location you work, what you offer your client)

  • Flat lays (collection of items that tell your business story)

So, now you have all these beautiful images, where can you use them?

Your Website:

Backgrounds / About Me / Blog Posts / Packages

Social Media

Posts / Reels / Stories / Profile photos

Other communications streams





Articles/ press coverage

When the first impression counts so much, make it work for you with quality images that speak of your passion and professionalism.

I have a brand new branding subscription service which you can sign up to now for a special early bird price. If you are looking for a brand shoot, please do get in touch, I am more than happy to chat to see if we are the right fit for each other !


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