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Brand Lens...

Introducing your own personal branding package subscription... and its more than just photos! 

Jo de Magneval Photographe, a woman with book in her hands, looking at camera smiling


I am delighted to see you here and share with you my new personal branding subscription service 'Brand Lens', tailored for female entrepreneurs. 

I know how hard it can be to run a business, with all the different elements involved, plus as an entrepreneur we are often alone planning all these things out, the photographs you know you need are often put to the back of the queue or quickly created by yourself.


The inspiration behind this subscription is to be a team together!


To help my branding clients in an ongoing way, providing support, inspiration, advice, creative brainstorming and of course, a full library of personalised photographs with an actual plan to utilise them! This will help you focus on the other parts of your business! 


Too often I have potential clients who are scared to take the plunge in investing in their photographic content or I have clients just starting out in their business but then don't use the images they have invested in! 

'Brand Lens' will help you take your business to the next level. By using your business strategy to help us plan your shoots and knowing what your content needs to be going forward, you will always feel ahead of the game.

Plus, the small monthly payments make the investment much more manageable and the on going support, advise and collective brainstorming will help share the load!

This branding subscription is tailored to you, your brand, your business.

Keep reading to find out more! 

Jo de Magneval Photographe looking at phone sat at a kitchen table

What is included?

  • Brand content strategy meetings

  • Brand content guidebook & social media prompts

  • Personal brand photo shoots spread throughout the year

  • In person photoshoots or Virtual depending on location

  • Full gallery upgrade - never need to select photos again!

  • Expert guidance and advice

  • Personalised stock photo library

  • Collaboration for 'look and feel'

  • Membership Bonus discount for my other packages

Who is this subscription for?

Entrepreneurs who already have a business, with a solid brand 'look and feel' and who are ready to take it to the next level!


You know the importance of consistant 'on brand' content, how much you need and on which platforms you use it.

You would like creative support in helping tell the stories that share your brand values and you are prepared to invest in this aspect of your business.


* * * * * *

Start up Entrepreneurs who know they need invest in photographic content to get their business started and are looking for accountability to help them achieve consistency.


Together, we will help create your brand look and feel, consistant photographic content and my support will help be a driving force behind you stepping past your fear and being seen!

This is a key part of making your business a success!

How does it work?

This is an annual subscription, with monthly payments so your costs are spread out over the year and you benefit from a set number of shooting hours that are divided up according to your needs, alongside brand strategy meetings that will help us plan ahead so we have plenty of time to prep.

Once you sign up, we become a team! This truly is a unique and personalised service that gives on going creative support.

What support is included?

Providing creative and practical support to my brand clients ahead of their shoots is vital for me and so, so important for enjoying successful photoshoots!

Brand Strategy Meetings

These discussions include talking about:

  • Brand

  • Stories

  • Values

  • Look and Feels

  • Dream Clients 

  • Audience 

  • ... and more!


We will share a number of brainstorming sessions to plan all of this foundational brand information into what kind of content we want to create together. From locations, to time of day, to wardrobe and environment and everything in between.

I will provide you with a brand guide to get you thinking ahead of our meetings, I will offer suggestions on how you can use your images including social media prompts and where else your images could be used within your marketing campaigns, we will create a shared 'Pinterest' board where we can work together on an ongoing basis to help create your next look and feels for our upcoming shoots. I will also be on hand (via Whatsapp/Voxer) for any thoughts/questions and queries you may have at any time.

All of this support will ensure you feel confident in our brand content planning and therefore successful shoots!


Building trust with my clients is very important to me, the more time we spend planning together, they more we know each other and the more certain you will be in knowing I 'get' you and your brand! 

What is the stock library?


The stock photo library will be an ever growing catalogue of images that I will gather tailored to the needs of my clients. The idea behind this is so in the moments when you need an image for something you can find an image that will suit the purpose but in the same photographic style as your other content. 

So, instead of purchasing or using an image that comes from elsewhere (like Canva) you ensure that you have unique content all the time. 

I will use all my clients needs, brands and businesses to create this shared content, it will only be available to my subscribers so you drastically limit the chances of someone else using it in your world! 

Plus, if there is an image that you desperately want/need, I will be more than happy to help get that for you outside of our photo shoots together. 

My storytelling images will help grow and engage your audience & business


Woman in blue shirt sat in a wooden chair looking at camera and smiling with a teacup in her hand
Brand Lens

Dip your toe into test the waters...


This package is perfect for those with new business ideas who need content to get off the ground and small budgets but still want the accountability and creative input. 

Perfect for start ups.

I hour of meetings

5 hours of photoshoots

2/3 shoot locations

Brand Guide

Full gallery upgrades

Limited access to member stock library

Forever online gallery for additional fee

Supportive, creative brainstorming on hand


normal yearly price


early bird price

260 upfront cost

followed by 90 per month

Woman in a dressing gown leaning against a wooden post in a barn
Brand Lens

3 hours of meetings

8 hours of photoshoots

4/5 locations

Brand Guide

Full gallery upgrades

Full access to member stock library + requests*

Forever online gallery access

Supportive, creative brainstorming on hand!

Let's get to work...

You already have the your brand, know your audience like the back of your hand and want to grow and develop on a solid foundation.

Perfect for businesses already up 

and running.



normal yearly price


early bird price

254 upfront cost

followed by 136 per month

The final strings are being brought together as we speak but you can join this membership for the 'early bird' price right now ahead of the official launch

Feel free to ask me any questions... this is really about us becoming a team to help you and your business grow.

Love, Jo x
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