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When Aussie meets South West France

A gloriously sunny morning in Salies-de-Béarn greeted us, under the beautiful magnolia in full bloom.

After all the rain we had last year in the run up to the flood, these endless sunny days have really put a spring in our step. Recently, I have been driving past the magnolias and blossom trees thinking how awesome it would be to capture some photos under them and then I spoke to Bri!

Bri and Rich, both Australians, moved to Salies in 2017 from London, seeking a slower more chilled pace of life and more sunshine! Put that together with the bilingual possibilities for both their children and of course, the stunning countryside around Salies has hit the spot.

I met this wonderful couple through mutual friends and am delighted to now have them in my life here. When I had the chance to photograph them (yes under the magnolia!) I jumped at the chance.

There began a relaxed and funny morning, where I got to hang out in their beautiful Basque home, stealing cuddles with 9 month old Sebastian (Sebby), letting Amelia take control of shoot suggestions, enjoying cups of tea and chats in between snapping the four of them.

Love fills this house up, to the brim and I was so happy to capture it for them to treasure for years to come.

It was my ideal session, a perfect amount of portraiture and documentary photography that I love, creating their story.

Same again next year guys?!

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