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Family Walk in Sauveterre de Béarn

As a family we love to get out and explore our local region of Béarn in the Pyrénées Atlantique, South West France.

Discovering new places is always high on my agenda, that and a view! But, after a post Christmas wave of illness, ( 3 out of 5 of us down with flu) sometimes a local favourite spot is the perfect place to go and blow away the cobwebs that had grown after nearly two weeks at home.

A breath of fresh air was definitely in order! We decided to hop in our car from Salies de Béarn and make the short 10 minute journey to the beautiful village of Sauveterre de Béarn. A big favourite of ours, boasting stunning views of the Pyrénées, historic architecture and the Gave d'Oloron running along at the bottom of the hill it really is a lovely place to spend a day.

However, it was a just a quick walk for us and the circuit around the island was perfect to ease us back into activeness! Its short walk and fast, easy terrain and showcases the two sides to the river; a calm tranquil side and the faster flowing river. There is even a kayak course if thats what takes your fancy!

You can access the island via a footbridge and a series of poems are there to be discovered throughout the circular walk as well.

I try to take simple everyday events like this as an opportunity to scout locations for shoots and practice my storytelling skills in my family photography and brand photography.

This island is perfect for family photography, a place we can take a walk together and explore.

As a family photographer in Béarn, I love a place in which we can all relax because then the portraits both prompted and natural are authentic because you and your children are relaxed, engaged and having fun!

During this walk, the sun did not shine and we narrowly missed the rain downpour that began as soon as we arrived back at our car! My aim was not to get sunny smiles, but instead document our first steps post sickness outside in nature, our energy levels were still low, moods were not super happy just normal and content. I wanted to challenge myself to take a series of images that told this story, because it was the real one for us, right then.

Top tips for your own ‘walks’ photography:

  • Take a variety of angles (Wide angles | Close up | Action | Details)

  • Don’t worry about the weather!

  • Capture the textures of the environment around you

  • Not every photo needs people smiling at the camera, some of the most storytelling images are the exact opposite of that because our imagination fills in the rest of the story for ourselves.

If you would like me to capture your family in a setting like this then please do get in touch! My family sessions are always fun and relaxed, they are perfect for a present to your future selves, to celebrate a special time in your life or as a holiday memory!


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