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The joy of extended families

When Mithila contacted me initially it was for an autumnal shoot, but organising multiple family members diaries was a tricky task so it ended up having a slightly more festive feel about it... not that thats a bad thing! We were fortunate that the sun shone for us so we were able to get the autumnal colours we wanted with a selection of festive ones thrown in.

This helps the photos have more of a timeless feel to them.

I got to spend a wonderful morning hanging out with these guys and witnessing the special bond between siblings which just goes to show how an age gap can create wonderful relationships.

With grandparents in on the mix too, it was a fun and relaxed morning. The more the merrier in my book! It was a mix of lifestyle and documentary style to capture all the images Mithila wanted...

I hope we get to do it again, if only so I get to watch the gorgeous Micah grow up ☺️

And a taste of the festive ones ❤️

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