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Lockdown superhero project goes public!

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

From 11th August 2020 to the 27th September my Stay Home Superhero project will be exhibited in The Lightbox Gallery in Woking, Surrey.

If someone had told me back in March that by August I would be hosting an exhibition in my local art gallery I would not have believed them. Isn't it incredible, when a series of events just happen to line up starting with a chance walk, that enabled this amazing journey to began.

Documenting this historic time in these images has captured the hearts of people and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to showcase my families and their stories in the reopening line up of the gallery, that has been closed throughout the pandemic. It certainly feels very apt that something so relevant to all our lives is part of an exhibition now.

Installing the first set of photos.

I did actually find myself quite inspired in lockdown and enjoyed documenting our own daily life with photographs and this project just added to that creativity.

The simplicity of life and the time to enjoy the small details was such a positive outlook and my photography helped me see it. Time and simplicity was a reoccurring theme in the families stories too.

Through reading the stories of the families I documented, discussing their feelings and emotions during that time also helped me understand my own emotional journey and I hope it will help those who see the exhibition in the same way.

I would love to see and read what people think of the exhibition so if you do go please tag me in your social posts or drop me a private message. @jodmphotography

Thank you 😊

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