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Lockdown opens doors for creativity in this year's class photos


As a Mum with school age children, in particular a year 6 primary school leaver, the idea of not having a school photo to put in the memory box leaves me feeling a little sad. I don't know about you guys!

I love having yearly photos of my children, to see how they change silently throughout each year and the school photo is a classic staple in the collection for me, and this year it's made all the more exciting we can think outside the normal offering and get creative!

So, I am announcing my availability for doorstop school class photos!



Here's how it will work.

I will travel to the children's home, take a doorstop portrait and then create a memorable collage of them with all of their dearly missed friends.

You shall receive a full resolution digital image of both your child's individual portrait and the group class collage.

Your access to these will be through my client galleries, which you will be emailed a link to. Through this gallery you can download the full images for yourselves and you can also purchase prints of varying options including framed or canvas. There are lots to choose from!

The cost is £12.50 per child and the minimum children required for a class photo would be 15 children.

I would need one representative for each class to be my co-organiser and communicator to all the families. I know my childrens school have link parents so these are the parents who will be my go to.

One decisoin to be made between you all, would be whether the children wear school uniform or home clothes, that is your choice but I would recommend one or the other.

I will also be communicating with the schools to organise getting the teachers photo too (at no cost) because a class photo simply isn't the same without the teacher is it?! And I know how much they have been missing all their children at school.

I cannot wait to capture this memorable school year for you all!

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