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Films that celebrate life

To me, films bring a whole new level of time machine, memory banking awesomeness!

There are many photographers and videographers that produce wonderful family films, but what I want to offer is something a little bit more specific in it's storytelling. Like my photography, I need to create authentic pieces of work that really encapsulate you, my films are no different.

My idea behind them is to create a time capsule of those people most loved by you, whether that is your child as they grow up or your parents and their life stories.


It came to me one day when I was watching a little video from years ago on my phone, my daughter was fixated by the ballet on the TV and in the background was my Grandad. There was a brief shot of him sitting there watching her and then an even more brief moment when he was talking in the background. And that was it, half a sentence, nothing more and I wished with all my heart that there was. He is no longer here and I miss his voice. I have plenty of photos of him and they are wonderful but hearing his voice really triggered something inside me. And so the Legacy Tales was born.

Here I have created two variants of family films that I believe will help treasure your own unique family stories, so they can be enjoyed year after year and even handed down through the generations to ensure you don't have to wish you had more 'voice' of a loved one in the future.

A girl is sticking her head up and over a fence with a trampoline in the background
A Child of Mine


90 Minute shoot

2 minute film


A beautifully edited film, cut to music with interview voiceovers, that celebrate your child as they are right now. A time capsule of information and moments that will be treasured for years to come.

Think of all the little things that they do, their favourite toys that eventually get left behind and the phrases that they say that you swear you will never forget and yet as time goes by, you do.

This film can be recreated regularly throughout their childhood to see how much they change over the years!


Perfect for siblings

2 x 90 minute shoots

2 x 2 minute films


An mustard colour curtain hangs casting a silhouette of a Childs hand in the air and a pattern from the door

To safeguard all the stories that get forgotten, the lives that fade away and the childhood memories that get warped with time.


We will create a beautiful film that celebrates these stories, ensures those stories will be forever safe.

Perhaps you want to learn more about your parents life before you, how they met, what their childhood was like or maybe you want to hear the other side of those memories you have a child. 

Legacy Tales



90 Minute shoot

3 minute film



Perfect for adding to the stories

2 x 90 Minute shoot

2 x 3 minute film


So how does it work?

We shall discuss at length what story you want to tell in the film. We shall brainstorm ideas of how we go about capturing the footage we need, what locations or time or times of day, what photos would be perfect for it and any other props that will help tell the tale.

For example with a child tale I have a set of questions that I suggest and we can pick and choose which ones work or add ones that are specific to you, and if you were to create a film again in the future, we can ask these same questions to see the difference as they grow.

For a Legacy Tale, there will be many stories! Far too many to fit into one 3 minute films so we would need to really focus on which tale to tell. From there we create a list of questions, which we pass on to the subject of the film. Talk to them about it, spend time to together reminiscing, trigger those memories... believe me once you start the memories just keep on coming!

Once we have our story, we will then plan out our footage. What do we want to see in our film? This is what we will plan for our shoot time, alongside the interview and script for any Voiceover. 

The aim is to ensure that when it comes to the shoot, we have our 'must have' shots to go with our 'must chat about' questions. Then we go for it! 

Like my photography, I encourage a very relaxed approach, we don't want anyone to be nervous, we want them to be themselves so the more prep we do the more at ease we all are.

I will then film and record all our footage, go away and piece together a final film that you will treasure.

A toddlers feet with his shoes on the wrong way stood on a log outdoors in the woods

All pre-planning and visual guide for your at home shooting

30 minute Zoom interview for Voiceover recording

2-3 minute hand edited mini film, with background music

Dropbox delivery

Full Print Release


DIY versions

Your family live across the oceans and you don't get to see them as often as you would like, especially in this COVID world we are all living under at the moment. 

You don't want their tales to be lost or a legacy unspoken.

Here we can work together to create beautiful and unique films for you and your family to treasure forever... honestly, its going to be so special!


  • Documentary filmmaker


  • Surrey Family Photograher


  • Surrey Branding photographer

A DIY Legacy Tales

Katie was 101 when her family wanted to capture some of her life stories.

However, due to lockdown we were able to book in a normal Legacy Tales so instead we opted for a DIY version.

They captured the content, using the directions I provided and telephone support and I put it all together to create a wonderful and memory banking film for all of them to enjoy forever.

Katie has since passed away and both of the films we made were played during her funeral and wake... a poignant tribute to a wonderful life.

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