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Yoga that feeds the soul

Vixie Tonkin is passionate about yoga, you can hear it when she chats to you and see it in the gleam of her eyes when she is teaching.

I have been lucky enough to be taught by Vixie on many occasions and I was delighted when she asked me to create some branding photography for her.

Watching her teach was a joy, her love for job is obvious and her clients feed off of the energy that she brings to her sessions. This is what we wanted to capture in her images.

With social media being the main focus for the final photos, we needed them to tell her story quickly and ensure her personality shone through and I think the final images show that we achieved this. The look and feel was light and fresh with her zing of orange that she loves.

I spent an evening with her, in class for both a Hatha class and an Ashtanga class, which are two very different types of yoga.

Instead of creating a fake scenario, being present in a 'real life' moment with Vixie enabled us to capture these soulful and storytelling images, they show us who she really is and what to expect from a session with her, they feel genuine.

As a business owner your brand authenticity is key and imagery is a major factor that helps get your message across to your clients.

If you are looking for some photography that shouts you out to the world then get in touch and lets brainstorm ideas together.

Vixie is a Yoga Teacher in South West France in and around Salies de Béarn.


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