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Wild & Beautiful Wedding in Béarn

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When you book a wedding photographer to capture a small section of your wedding day you want to be sure that they will capture the photos you want to treasure forever!

Going above and beyond for my clients is what I always want to do, because its such special day and I want to ensure you are delighted with the photos we capture.

The story behind this simple yet beautiful wedding service in Labastide Villefranche in the Béarn region of South West France, is that it was raining on the day. Nightmare for every bride and their wedding photographer!

I had been booked as their wedding photographer as a surprise wedding gift to capture the ceremony and then family photos later in the day after their meal.

The weather was not ideal, although it stopped raining just long enough to capture all the guests from the ceremony, we decided to rebook the second part of the session. We had already photographed the rain part of the story so why not wait for a better day to take the family photos?

What a brilliant plan and I love being able to be this flexible (where possible) for my clients.

The following week, the bride asked for access to the stunningly wild Chateau Bijou, which is a wedding photographers dream! Wild roses, overgrown ivy and old ruins of what would have once been a beautiful house and grounds.

Dressed again in their wedding outfits, we met under the sunshine and together created some stunning photographs of them.

This was the best plan for them, because the photos were a surprise gift, we didn't have all the conversations and planning that I normally do together with my clients, so this actually enabled them to have a say over where they wanted their wedding photographs to be taken, how to put in their own personal elements to their images and gave time to find the best location to create them.

None of these images would have happened had it not rained on their wedding day! How’s that for providence?!

After our time in the Chateau Bijou, we moved on to another location, the river in Escos to bring in their unique additions of Ducatis and a 35 year old mare that truly tell their story… but thats for another post!

Looking for a wedding photographer yourself? I would love to chat so please feel free to get in touch and let's capture your special day together!

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