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Photos as unique as your wedding

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Bringing your own personalities, loves and passions into your wedding photography only takes a little forethought and well worth the effort and organisation!

After their gorgeous ceremony and celebrations with friends, I reconvened with Anne-Laure and Cédric along the Gave in Escos to capture some unique wedding photographs for them.

They wanted to bring their other loves in life into their wedding portraits, an excellent way to truly capture their life together as it was right then on their special day. For Anne-Laure it was her old yet gorgeous Mare and for Cédric it was his Ducati and with their two boys alongside them in a superb setting we created some wonderful wedding photographs together!

Every wedding is unique, but always believe you can bring even more of yourselves into it. Obviously, your dress and outfits are the first thing you personalise, choosing something that you love and makes you feel amazing. But, throughout your day, you can imprint your life, loves, passions and personalities so it really speaks your life to all those close to you.

For your wedding photographs, I often ask my clients, what do they want to see in these images in 20 years time? Life changes and over time things that are a main focus of your life together on your wedding day may become less so I believe bringing them in to your photographs will ensure that we capture and document your life exactly as it is on that day.

These guys did this at a whole other level! Let them inspire you if you are planning your wedding, don't be afraid to include what you want to on your day and no matter how small or big those things might be, they will speak of you both and help shout your love out to the world!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in the Béarn, Landes or Pyrenees area of South West France? If so, feel free to get in touch! I believe its so important to have a connection with your photographer and would love to chat through all your plans and see if I am the right photographer for you!

P.S I didn't speak any French on my wedding day, marrying a Frenchman in France but I love to sing. So, I decided I would sing to him instead of a speech. I took Carla Bruni's song "Le ciel dans une chambre", learnt the French and translated it in to English for the second verse. I was so nervous beforehand but took a deep breathe and started singing. I didn't even check if he was actually there in the crowd in front of the stage!! But, it made our day uniquely ours and for that, I treasure that I was brave enough to do it!

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