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Lockdown job reinvention

Coronavirus has made us all stop in our tracks. Life has changed, been put on hold. Many people have suffered heartbreak and many are just doing their best, staying safe and trying to get through their own juggle.

But, I wonder how many of us are using this pause to reflect on our lives? What do we love about them or what we would love to change? Who has dreams that are sitting parked in a corner, wondering when they might have a chance to come to life? Is your current job where you actually want to be? Or perhaps your job is now at risk and you are having to rethink your future. Is now the perfect chance to kick start those changes that you have been wishing for?

I know that personally, with my other business (a wine bar owned with my husband) being closed and the financial impact that has caused has only reinforced my drive to focus my photography and make it a more prominent revenue stream for me. It has been the kick start that I needed, to really put my head down, challenge myself and find a way to make this dream of mine what I have always imagined it to be!

So, if this has been a propeller for me perhaps a lockdown career revolution could be on the cards for others?

Someone who is well trained to help in this situation is Ekua Boateng. A career coach who can help you revamp your CV, prepare you for going for that promotion or even encouraging to take that jump and set up your own business.

"I work with women who want to be their best selves and help unlock their abilities to do great things. I provide coaching that focuses on a career change, positive mindsets and setting goals."

Maybe now is the perfect time to stop dreaming and start doing! The most wonderful businesses can begin from a crisis and your dream life could be around the corner. I can vouch that even with the stresses that come from running your own business the benefits far out weigh them. You can build a life you love and why not start now... while we have all this time to do so?

I love working with start up female entrepreneurs, helping to create branding images that shout your 'wow' out to the world!

So, if you are looking at stepping out on your own and need a whole set of branding images or just in need of a new headshot for your LinkedIn, don't hesitate to get in touch. I am more than happy chat and see how I can help you!

You can read and see more of my branding clients in other posts or on my branding page.

"Do something today, that your future self will thank you for."

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