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Bringing Life, Learning and Branding Together

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Vicky started Teach Talk Learn after teaching enfant children for many years in schools but seeing a gap in the system which helps inspire parents and children to have fun learning together, outside of the classroom.

Vicky is so passionate about giving children the best start in life and this was obvious to me, just from the initial chat we had together on the phone!

Vicky contacted me to help her get some branding photography for her website and social media, as we all know how important that stream is to help me seen and get more reach to potential clients.

We wanted to get some 'in action' shots, showing her working with parents and child, images of her workbooks and resources and also headshots because you really do need to be seen in your business.

"Developing their confidence, emotional resilience and communication skills from a young age are important building blocks to achieving this," Vicky told me. "TeachTalkLearn is about helping parents teach their children as part of everyday life rather than something separate we have to do."

"If we can model the reason why we are learning, make it active and engaging for children, we can boost their self esteem and encourage them to want to learn more for themselves."

It was wonderful to spend some time with Vicky, we split her shoot time up in to two different sessions to ensure we captured all the images she needed within the package she had budgeted for. The first being the 'in lesson' session with a parent and her son, the second was more about capturing the products and moments of chatting with parents, to really show how easy Vicky and her resources can work within your family life.

If you are a parent and looking for some help in how to create a positive learning environment for your child then Vicky is your lady! She also has a number of free resources to get you started on her website so definitely worth checking out. As a parent of a 3 year old I am thoroughly enjoying gaining a different perspective on how I can help my son blossom in his learning with me.

Vicky also works with businesses to help them incorporate learning possibilities in to their venue, helping a fun day out also be a great learning experience.

It was such a pleasure to work to Vicky and I loved helping her create some content for her wonderful business. Thanks Vicky! 😊

"Jo recently helped me to personalise my education business by carrying out a branding photo shoot. Her easy going approach created a relaxing environment for everyone and made the sessions so much fun to carry out. The photos that have been produced are amazing and I really couldn't have asked for a better service. I would 100% recommend Jo to help you capture the story of your business."

Vicky, Founder of Teach Talk Learn

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