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Virtual Branding Photoshoots

Updated: May 13, 2021

From Woking, Surrey to the South of France, I met my long time client Suzanne Acteson to capture some new portraits for her coaching business via the wonders of a lockdown invention!

Thanks to some clever and innovative people, something positive has come out of the pandemic and there are now apps that us photographers can use to capture photos through our computers to our clients phones and the results are amazing! Virtual branding photoshoots are here to stay!

It's a fantastic tool to use if you are looking for some portraits to top up your feed or refresh your content. It's easy to do, even though it may feel a little strange with just a voice directing you coming out of your phone, but if you are up for being a part of the setting up and are currently limited in your options of brand photography due to the pandemic then this could be for you!

So how do they work?

Once we set a date for our shoot, which is about 30-45 minutes we have a chat 'face to face' to discuss your space, lighting, what images you want to capture and what wardrobe choices would work.

You download the 'Shutter app' and let me know your ID and then I connect to your phone through there and take charge of your camera!

We then go from place to place within your space - which can be inside or outside and capture your photos.

You will be needed to set up the phone for me and I will direct you on which way to move it and where to set it up, a tripod is really helpful but if you don't have one of those a pile of books/ sideboard/ dining table/ bench and even a tin of beans and a hairband works just as well! As long as the phone is steady and positioned with you in the frame it's all good.

Your images then download to my computer where I edit by hand as I would normally do and then send them on to you, usually within a week et voila! You choose your selected 10 images from a gallery of at least 20.

Easy as that!

But are they as good as having a branding in person shoot?

Unfortunately they are not. Mainly, due to the fact that a phone camera is nowhere near as good as a professional SLR in quality. However, the quality is as good as your phone camera and for online, website and social media requirements they are great!

If you are already creating your own content for your IG feeds you are more than likely using your phone to do this already.

The other limitation is positioning and angles, as you have to set up the shot (directed by me) each time whereas in a normal shoot I would move around you to get different angels and shots. But again, this works really well for simple portraits and in action shots so a few positions is often all you need.

What do you need to have a virtual shoot?

Not very much really! A phone with a good camera, the app downloaded, good light in the chosen location, a fully charged phone (because it kills your battery!), a good wifi signal or very strong cellular signal and a smile!

With our planning beforehand, we will have a great idea of what you want at the end of it so we can be really efficient in using our time to capture these images.

Its a great cost effective way, it keep your online content up to date even in the middle of a pandemic!

If you are interested drop me a line, I am more than happy to chat through the whole process with and brainstorm possibilities. I love branding photoshoots and this technology enables me to keep working with fabulous female entrepreneurs without the limitations of location!

My virtual package is £100 and includes all our prep time, our 30-40 minutes shoot and 10 high res digital images. A great price for the value these images will bring to you and your business!

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