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A personal project 

The Table

The pause is a time when I can stand and be.

Quiet and strong, I bask in the peaceful moments of rest.

I am worn and old, my shine long gone and my patterns now tell the stories which I have watched unfold.

I am many things.


Where you stop, where you start, where you feast.

A place of creation and laughter and fun.

I hear heated words and childish quarrels and feel weight of looks passed above me.

I see looks of love, moments of joy and daily happiness.

I am the centre of your home and if only you could hear the tales of homes' gone before, you would hear that your home is one of the greatest ones.

Bedroom decoration planning 

Spaghetti bolognese 

Lego creating

Journal planning

41st birthday afternoon tea

Sunday Lunches

Facetime Storytime with Nana

Henna Tattooing

Flowers and Spring arriving

Zoom dinner dates with friends

For 100 days, I took a photo of my dining table top.

It was a challenge.

Some days it was really hard, I was uninspired, there was nothing happening. It was quiet.

Other days I couldn't stop! I took multiple photos, acknowledging how much of our lives the table sees.

I recognised that the ebb and flow of my creativity seemed to follow my levels of energy and mood in general. But I kept getting back up even when the going got tough!

They might not always be pretty, artistic or even very good.

But they are always real.

It is in fact my photo diary. My visual journal of my life. Just from above.

"Mummy, I love you downstairs and I love Papa upstairs"

 - Clement aged 3.5

Documentary photographer


lifestyle photographer


family photographer

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