Hello, I am Jo!

A professional photographer who loves telling your story through my lens and capturing the small but important details of life.

Specialising in both family and branding photography, I document your story and your unique style into lasting memories. 


My approach is a friendly and relaxed one, I play with your small people to help them feel at ease,

whilst having a cuppa and a chat with you, or I disappear into the background so you would forget I was there.

We will get photos you will treasure, the photos you will pass on to your children, that tell your story, and say 'this is us!'

Have a look at my packages to see which suits you best.


I know of the immense joy and freedom running your own business can give you, I am a huge advocate of following your dreams,

living the life you want to live, and well, just going for it! I am a 'yes' girl for sure!

I love working with people like me, connecting with passionate entrepreneurs.

From headshots to flay lays, we will work together to create images to reflect your own unique and soulful brand. 

Read my branding page to find out more

I am a natural light photographer, armed with my camera, lens and a smile! So, no big scary equipment, not a studio light insight. 

I find forced posing very uncomfortable so, we go with the flow, follow the mood and relax into the shoot.

I seek out the light and the colour in your life, see the connections between you and let your story shine through.

I would love to meet you so get in touch to find out more

Other random (maybe) useful things to know about me:

- I have 3 children. Anaïs, Odile and Clément

- I teach myself the Ukulele and for a year in France (to help with my French) I learned the Clarinet too

- I own a wine bar in Woking Surrey (Cellar Magneval) with my husband

- I love wine! Which helps with the bar ;-) 

- I love making and creating things including window displays for our bar

- I love to travel and have adventures

- I recently renovated our house in France with Thierry (husband) so love LOVE interiors and beautiful homes & gardens

- I am a risk taker and am continually inspired to try new things, to be creative and strive for a work life balance that makes me happy

- I love being in the great outdoors

- My children would say I am a little obsessed with plants (indoor and outdoor) so much so they always try to avert me from garden centres!

- I love good food and better company

- I am happiest with those I love and who make me smile

- I sing. Not enough anymore but maybe one day.

- I hate Olives and peanuts.

Let's get social! 

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